concrete5 for Business

Businesses love the balance of features and ease of use that power concrete5.

Grows with your needs

Many web projects start with a marketing focus, and concrete5 will help you achieve those goals quickly. Once you’re up and running, you’ll be pleased to discover the opportunities to do more with your website. Create private areas for staff or customers. Share documents securely. Add eCommerce, concrete5 is a platform that grows with your organization's needs.

A pleasure to use

If your marketing team doesn't feel comfortable editing the website, you're setting yourself up to lose. How well would your sales go if everyone was afraid to touch the phone?

With concrete5, you can create contributor roles that let people safely add to or edit the website with no personalized training. A couple of quick videos and anyone who can use a word processor will be able to fix a typo or add a new page to your site. You'll be amazed at how quickly your team starts to think of the website as a communication medium they can use rather than a problem they have to solve.

Open source, but fully supported.

Concrete5 open source under the MIT license, and it is built with PHP, Doctrine, MySQL, jQuery and other popular toolkits that are easy to learn and beloved by the tech community. Your team will be able to own as much or as little of the website infrastructure as makes sense for your organization. Support contracts from PortlandLabs are there to provide value & safety when you need it, but are never a requirement. You'll never get roped into some license fee you don't understand and can't control with concrete5.

Some examples

Here’s just a handful of the many business sites built with concrete5: