concrete5 for Government Websites

Be it a city, district or military website the Government market has some unique needs that fit concrete5’s core capabilities well.

A diverse group of content contributors

There are many stakeholders involved on any government site. To be an effective communication tool, it needs to stay up to date with the latest news. If the stakeholders don’t have an easy time contributing new content over time, they won’t.

With concrete5, you can create contributor roles that let people safely add to or edit the website with no personalized training. A couple of quick videos and anyone who can use a word processor will be able to fix a typo or add a new page.

Open Source

Not only is concrete5 open source under the MIT license, but it is built with PHP, Doctrine, MySQL, jQuery and other popular toolkits that are easy to learn and beloved by the tech community. Your team will be able to own as much or as little of the website infrastructure as makes sense for your organization. You can choose to augment your website with a support contract, but you're not locked into a licensing structure you don't control.

Trusted by the U.S. Army

Used by the MWR group to manage content across all their garrisons, concrete5 has been issued a Certificate of Networthiness and PortlandLabs has a CAGE number - we're ready to help.

Some examples

Here’s just a handful of the many Government sites built with concrete5: